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Thefts have mainly occurred from pick up trucks (Hi-lux/Ford Ranger/Mitsubishi Warrior/L200) or transit type vans. Aide automotive have introduced a AdBlue Cap for a Truck AdBlue Tank to stop diesel or debris contamination. TrailerCheck is available is portable test boxes or van / workshop installed units. Remote Code Talk also covers reading and clearing of fault codes within the trailers ECU. Furthermore TrailerCheck 4 Vans / Workshop also incorporates air test gauges enabling a total one man maintenance tool for trailers.

Throughout this week aide automotive will be highlighting the issues affecting road safety and how they can be avoided with simple equipment that helps you address any health and safety issues affecting your vehicle. Tyre Pressure Monitoring is essential for any business especially in the winter months, Air Alert is the device that removes the guesswork out of determining the correct tyre pressure of your vehicles. To enter our competition simply click Air Alert and download the product information once you’ve submitted your e-mail address it will be entered into a draw which will take place on the 4th January 2010.


There was a long discussion on increasing council tax and it was agreed to increase it by 2.9%, equating to an extra 84p per week for a Band D property. It was agreed to support the resident who has volunteered to take this forward and suggested they apply to AA&I for funding if needed. The councillors were informed that they need to decide and discuss what training they would like to do and what is needed by the council in order to improve it’s effectiveness, with a view to publishing a Council training plan by September. Sean Chambers has been awarded the commission and preparatory work has already started. It was suggested the clerk contact the lighting department to ask if it is possible to get the lighting replaced while the work is happening, to minimise the risk of damage to the artwork.

Another Major Order For aide automotive – 40 Cat Alarms Fitted To Hilux

Being electronic BrakeCheck has a much higher accuracy and additional information such as average deceleration, a left/right pull measurement, speed at braking and stopping distance. During this time the Tapley meter has been the most recognised international standard decelerometer, and trusted by many leading government authorities around the world to set local brake testing standards. This Trailer Wiring Tester is the professionals choice, portable and well constructed the 12 Volt TrailerCheck Plus quickly tests any trailer without the need of a vehicle or battery. No more carrying car batteries around and DIY wire connections, built in a ergonomic housing the 12 Volt TrailerCheck weighs just 8Kg. For half a century, customers have been turning to Ifor Williams Trailers to make their working lives easier and their leisure time better!

From 2012 all new European cars will have tyre pressure monitoring systems as a standard fixture. This has been introduced by the European Commission to try and reduce the number of accidents caused by tyre blow-outs and to encourage greener driving. Aide automotive introduced the ISOCheck to their product range a few months ago and the results have been fantastic with sales increasing each day. BrakeCheck has been used for many years to test commercial vehilces, used to prove a brake performance standard every 6 weeks on safety inspections, BrakeCheck is cost effective and very easy to use. This means that with correctly targeted marketing, commercial vehicle repairers could generate new business.”

The CatGuard Alarm Now Has The Extra Benefit Of An Serial Number Identification Kit to Protect Against This Costly Theft

Cllr Kelly Cllr Kelly outlined the implications, to this Council, of the Data Protection Act. New regulations will be in place from March 28th, and every public body must have in place a data protection officer. In the case of ACC it is mainly a paperwork exercise, but it will impact ACC is in the context of the village CCTV. The proposal was passed unanimously by Council A copy of Cllr Richards proposal, in detail, is attached to these minutes as a matter of record. Cllr Kelly Cllr Kelly, our DPO, confirmed that the data protection act comes into force shortly and that we must ensure that CCTV notices are on public display.

Whether the trailer is EBS or ABS the ISOCheck will check all voltages and earths on the ISO 7638 socket, if any pins are the ISO socket are incorrect the ISOCheck will light up RED, if all pins are correct the ISOCheck will light up GREEN. Reading and clearing codes on trailers at service intervals is good practice to keep records and possible fault reports. “We are very happy with our purchase of the ISOCheck, delivery was the next day as advised and we will have no hesitation to use your company for future products and purchases.”

  • Using a stereo while parked will use battery power that will not be replaced, the batteries will discharge and the vehicle will not start, which means that the batteries need to be recharged not replaced.
  • The Air Brake Coupling Easy Grip is a low-cost accessory that dramatically improves the ease-of-use of the industry-standard air brake ‘C’ coupling.
  • They buy and sell financial instruments traded in the stock markets, derivatives markets and commodity to pay someone else to trade shares.
  • TrailerCheck is available is portable test boxes or van / workshop installed units.
  • The Risk Assessment, Code of Conduct and Register of Interests were formally adopted by Council.
  • Cllr Lloyd pointed out that the work Des carried out was voluntary and unpaid.

ISOCheck is a simple device that quickly confirms the correct information is being supplied from the unit to the trailer and from the trailer to the unit. A quick and easy way to confirm that braking systems are working properly especially when VOSA are increasing the number of roadside checks. Mr Currie said it had not been serviced since July 2008 and although he’d checked it himself, he’d not noticed the severely corroded brake pipe underneath the vehicle. Another benefit is the additional option of adding extra details to the print out for instance comments can be made on the ground condition, brake maintenance, weather and performance.

Trade calls for longer-term support to survive cost-of-living crisis

Battery testing commercial vehicles is an important part of their maintenance programme. Determining the efficiency of a battery tester can give an indication of it’s xcritical reviews lifespan. Replacing tyres and brakes are carefully considered and budgeted for in a business, the same consideration should be given for replacing a battery.


TP Anti Syph can also be removed and replaced on to a new vehicle or your existing fleet. Aide automotive are pleased to announce the launch of the new Series 2 BrakeCheck. The new Series 2 BrakeCheck has a new modern day ergonomic look; redesigned with the very latest electronics, BrakeCheck Series 2’s reliability should surpass Series 1’s outstanding record.

Truck Diesel Theft Alarm

Inside the foot brake valveare switches which knowhow far you have pressed the pedal down, if these switch’s work incorrectly they can think you have pressed the pedal down when you havent and tell the rear modulator to apply the brakes. We need to make you aware that there have been a total of 19 thefts of catalytic converter thefts over the Sherwood villages area since 1st May 2012, and 16 reports. Garages said vehicles with high driving positions were often affected as they allowed access to the underside. Catalytic converters, which limit toxic emissions from vehicles, contain valuable metals, including platinum, palladium and rhodium.

  • Locating aide automotive via a web search the company reviewed the TP Anti Syph range concluding with an order for 16 Truck devices and 3 Sprinter Anti Siphons.
  • FORS provides a quality and performance benchmark for van, lorry, mini-bus, coach and bus operators and allows access to a range of exclusive accreditation benefits.
  • There is still a very large amount of sand along the promenade and in the car park itself, so much so, that plants have now taken root.
  • Aide automotive’s excellent trailer service tool TrailerCheck has been upgraded to read and clear EBS codes on Haldex EB Plus generation 1 & 2.
  • With the ease of just pointing the gun at the wheel hub from the outer edge of a trailer or truck and without removing wheels this device is ideal to complete a brake check.

Some vehicles have a regenerative braking system connected to the service brake system. If the regenerative system cannot be disconnected from the service brake, a decelerometer https://xcritical.online/ brake test is required. If the regenerative system can be disconnected and the vehicle control system allows a roller brake test this must be carried out.

Vehicle Batteries do not recharge when driven. C-Tek is a battery charger that fully recharges the battery

The clerk reported that she had spoken to Caron Jones from Gwynedd Council about the green bins opposite the chemist. He is more than happy for these bins to be put by the fire station where the glass recycling bins are. Before they are put there, the fence needs to be repaired and he asked if we could get two quotes from local contractors for the work. It was noted that if the green bins are put there, the area inside the fence will need to be extended to allow space for the extra bins. It was agreed to write to Gwynedd Council asking them to ensure these and all other businesses in the village do indeed pay for their refuse collections, as the rubbish problems are having a massive effect on the village. For instance, he mentioned that they have had problems contacting the owners of a cottage to see if they can buy a slice of their land to enable the cycle path to go ahead.

Is this your company?

Emma works for Outward Bound and has also volunteered for the village planting project. Cllr Owen had very little to report, pending the final outcome of the Gwynedd financial budget proposals. Automatic translation creates problems because of the different amount of space different languages take up on a website, with resultant issues of confusion. The matter of addressing the language question is a technical matter which would be addressed during the process of website construction. The school building handover has been completed, Chesworths have the key and demolition contractors will shortly commence their work. There is still concern over the future of the school honours board which is now in safe keeping at the Neuadd Dyfi until its future can be confirmed.

The plans for the new wharf are now ready for submission the planning authority. Cllr Kelly noted that the strong and positive response, by the village, to the public meeting at which the final plans were submitted, had been very well received. Cllr Owen stated that he would oppose any plan to make the toilet facility a chargeable service. The Clerk has checked the wharf and there are notices on display informing the public of the CCTV security cameras. Cllr Owen pointed out that the existing location of the bins opposite the chemist shop was still causing problems. Cllr Williams suggested that if the bins were kept locked, as they can be, the problem could be alleviated.

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