dotbig employment reviews

An additional deposit opens a similar amount.

dotbig employment reviews

When depositing a real account on the broker’s website, customers get access to a demo account. An additional deposit opens a similar amount. Trading on a demo account can take up to two weeks.

dotbig employment reviews

It’s a pleasure to read that our current employees are satisfied with what they have when working in our company. We want to provide everyone with the possibility to work in a friendly atmosphere. I use them when trading stocks and forex. Of the minuses, I note the high spreads on Forex at night.

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At 12 at night, spreads can rise by several points. I had to redo my strategy so as not to lose money. For a long time I was looking for a platform for investment.

  • Every DotBig review offers a strong educational background.
  • Ability to withdraw money through PayPal and to your bank account.
  • I did not notice any slippage in trading, spread widens a bit to 5-10 pips if you trade forex at night.
  • They are not authored by Glassdoor.

I want to tell you about my work with the broker. About half a year ago, i began actively study stock trading. Exchange rates and economics news were my main interests. Now I’m well on my way with Dotbig. They have, it seems to me the best training conditions.

Dotbig Forex: Broker Overview

Withdrawal of funds to my account always occurs no later than three hours or earlier. Ticks on the chart always follow the trail of world exchanges. The daily swaps are the same and are linked to the ratios of the dotbig currency pairs. The variety of offerings helps investors increase the profitability of their chosen offerings. Programs with bonuses are fairly standard. But at the same time are definitely worthy of attention.

DotBig has given me the financial tools for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, the operations arrive very fast and without problems. It’s a simple verification process that provides fast and secure access to buy, sell, trade, or send digital assets to your wallet. Transfer fees are acceptable and this is very important to maintain a high level of digital transactions.

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They are not authored by Glassdoor.

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Dotbig is comfortable and reliable. Ability to withdraw money through PayPal and to your bank account. Six months ago, he started with $ 1,000. The main thing is to take an active part and invest in various companies.

In the basic version, customers can choose from 33 of the most popular currency pairs. Gold” and “Platinum” account users trade 46 pairs and the number of available CFD contracts increases to 30. This offer is available only for deposits from $500 to $5,000. In case of losing the deposited funds due to an unsuccessful transaction, the investor receives full compensation. However, payments are made in the form of bonuses, which will later be used for making new trades. The official website of the broker is available at any time.

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